Vanessa Viñes Sanjuan
I’m Vanessa, a Spanish lass living now in Scotland, and as you can notice, I love photography. I am also a baker and a big fan of animals! (Specially my cats and dog). So why Scotland? Why change the warm and shine sun for the rainy and misty days? Well, I just love this land, and I don’t mind if it rains, or snows, so here we are enjoying every minute here :). Yes I miss the food, and the people of course, but, it’s a big challenge that we can learn a lot of new things, new culture, new country, new language, new everything! So I hope you enjoy with my blog, and thanks for taking the time to read a wee bit about me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)
My other passion baking! I really love making cupcakes, or cakes, cookies and some tiramisu as well. I am now working in a blog with my best recipes (and some secrets), but for now I have online some photos of my creations. This is my saying: If you made it with love, it’s delicious and you don’t get fat!
I have 2 cats and a dog, I always love animals, and I can’t remember a time living without them, they are lovely! And it’s always funny how they do silly and crazy things around the house. Here you can take a look to some of their best photos.
artistic photography
My great friend, my camera, I really enjoy spending time with my Nikon. I do not only take photos of this beautiful land, if you have some free time feel free to check my portfolio, with some of my best shots. Some of my colleagues said that I have my own and different style, that is something I am very proud of :)