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discovering Scotland
Another of those strange places that you can find in Scotland if you do some research! Let's go then! The most interesting feature here is the limekiln (I think is kind of an oven, a building that is thermally insulated so you can do several things inside) it is basically a little building almost in ruins and with a warning advise, as it is not secure to go inside. The kiln has some structural damage and it is better to visit it from the outside only, or if you do enter (as we did) just take care and don't stay longer! You have a track that leads round to the top of the kiln, with beautiful views of the coast, you can even see the lighthouse in Montrose if the weather is clear. Be really careful there while you are investigating as the area may be not 100% secure.
Next! We were trying to look at the mobile in order to find where the elephant rock was (no signal at all) when a couple saw us and they gave us a map that they were using to walk around (they were leaving already) and on the map was the location of the rock! so lucky us :) The track leading the rock was all muddy, but well, we are used to it so that is not a problem anymore! When we found it I saw the elephant yeah, but my opinion was completely different than my husband, I suppose that it is an elephant ok but it's subjective so... it depends on the eyes that are sawing it :)
Last stop was the cemetery, wow, impressive! Very small one, just 5 or 6 tombstones and it is really close to the edge!! really nice and creepy as well, but a good old cemetery has to be a little creepy if not where is the fun?
Some tips:
- Take care! It can be dangerous!
- Again thanks to Strange Places in Scotland for the information!