Litte falls on the Lower Bridge
Lower Bridge
Views of the Bridge
Bridge vertical
Other view of the lower bridge
The other waterfall
Long exposure
Upper bridge signal
The upper bridge waterfall
The upper bridge closer
Right there
Autumn part II: Falls of Bruar /
discovering Scotland
We went there after our trip to Killiecrankie, because it is not far from there, maybe 20 minutes, so it is a good idea to go to both places the same day. The area is quite weird because you have to park the car in the House of Bruar car park, that is kind of a shopping centre, but I think that is more oriented to wealthy people, hehe, as the prices of the clothes were expensive. But in any case there are some indicators that are actually saying «falls of Bruar car park» so it is okay, try not to enter and go shopping, just focus on the falls, this is our destination so :) Just pass by the shopping centre and follow the correct signs.
This is not a hard walk, not easy peasy either, but let me explain why, the difficulty here is that it quite straight up but is not a long distance until you reach the upper bridge that is the end of this walk. You can reach your destination in approximately 35 minutes? So I like the lower bridge more, but the views from the upper bridge are not bad :)
This is more a stop that you can add when you are going to visit some other places nearby, as you can do the walk in no more than an hour. But you have some options quite interesting as well, like: Pitlochry, The Hermitage or Loch Tummel!
Some tips:
- You can check some other destinations nearby here: The Hermitage or killiecrankie