Long exposure in Princess St
Near the castle
Craig´s Close
Edinburgh Castle
Again the Castle
Detail of the Castle
An other detail
Inside the Castle
Stairs inside the Castle
Carlton Hill
Detail in the street
Lincoln statue
Carlton Hill sunset
Victoria Street
Walking through the narrow streets of the Capital /
discovering Scotland
So, the Capital, our first time in Edinburgh we thought that it was the most beautiful city that we ever saw, magical maybe! But, if you have the choice, it could be a great idea not going there during the weekend, because is full of people! Mostly in the Royal Mile and the castle, it´s understandable because is really nice :) The Castle is the most expensive one, in this case, you have no other option than buy some weekly pass with Historic Scotland, it´s worth it I promise! I think I said that in some other occasions, but I prefer the most destroyed castles, this one is very well preserved, that is nice, but if I’m being honest it´s not one of my favorites, anyway, you have to visit the castle if you are visiting the city, I mean, is the Castle! It´s a gigantic fortress in the middle of the city!! Cool :)
There is another place that we use to go, is the Carlton Hill that is a Hill near the city center, so you have from there stunning views of the city. You also have there an observatory and some interesting structures. Near this Hill you could find an interesting cemetery, its name is Old Calton Burial Ground, is amazing, and I am an expert in old cemeteries! Talking about cemeteries, Greyfriars Kirkyard is curious, because of the story of the most famous dog in Scotland! This dog was a loyal Sky Terrier, he was waiting for years the return of his best friend, but he never come back (see his story in this link: Greyfriars Bobby story.).
Some tips:
-If you want someplace nice to eat, try to avoid the main street!
-Maybe with one day you can see all of the city, but could be better to do it in 2 days :)
-This is the link to the Christmas Shop.