The wee house
The forest
Forest vertical
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The fairy tree
Do you believe in Fairies? /
discovering Scotland
We found this place thanks to a Facebook group that I am following because I find it quite interesting! and it's called Strange places in Scotland! And we already checked some of the places that they mention, but I want to highlight this one. This is located in a forest close to Arbroath, and nobody knows who build that house or why is it there, but some people think that it is a fairy house! They are quite common in Scotland, as common as unicorns (They are so cute and friendly when you see them), so let's go fairy hunting!
The parking spot was very easy to find, and you have there some spaces so it is not a problem, the difficult part was to find the wee house, we had a video showing how to get there, but there was some parts that we couldn´t identify well, and we were walking around for almost 35 minutes until we saw something that could be a match, we started walking very carefully, because all the area was all muddy, but at the end we found it!
No one was at home, we knock twice but no answer :P In any case it is a really nice place to discover, and also you can have some fun trying to follow the indications, and who knows if some day we will know who put the house there! It was a fairy? Is up to you know what to believe :)
Some tips:
- Here the video to follow: How to find the house and that is actually the group in Facebook that I mention above :)
- Wellies required :P or another pair of shoes, just in case
- A compass... no just kidding, is not that hard!