Views from the road
Approaching to the Castle
Glamis Castle
Little lion in the garden
Detail of the Castle
Little exhibition inside the Castle
More details of the exhibition
Little table
More details
Big tree in the garden
Castle Gardens
Detail of a cow
Cute animals in the garden
More cows
One of the most haunted castles in Scotland and some fluffy friends /
discovering Scotland
So, there we go! We first visited the castle in 2012 in our second trip to Scotland, and I remember it very clearly, because it was 8.30am and it was freezing! And we didn’t know that there is a car park just next to the castle, so we parked the car outside and we went to the castle walking… ok nice views whereas you are approaching the castle BUT it’s 1 mile from the car park to the castle, so it was interesting, but you can imagine our reaction when we realized that there was a car park inside! The second time we went there we parked next to the castle :P
This castle has good points and bad points (for us). A good point is that is very well preserved, and it’s magnificent! The gardens are awesome as well and they have a nice cattle of highland cows! That we love! So cool in this part, but, we don’t like the part when you visit the interior of the castle, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good experience, it’s just that we prefer to investigate for ourselves the castles :P and in this one, you have to follow a guide. But anyways, is interesting because there are a few ghost stories related to the castle! So even if the tickets are not included in HS it’s worth it!
They also had an exhibition inside the castle, and it was quite interesting! They had there a doll house, which was nice and terrifying at the same time :) Nice because the rooms are like the rooms inside the castle but miniaturized and it was awesome! The level of details was amazing. And terrifying because of the mini dolls, that well, I have a thing with the dolls, so, they usually scare the hell out of me and there were some there that seemed alive!
Some tips:
-Car park inside!
-Take care with the dolls, check the bags before leaving, just in case.
-Picnic area as always!