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This is, again, one of those places that I wanted to visit since forever, but it is quite far from home so it was more difficult for us to get there as we needed to stay for the night. But at the end, and after some thinking we booked a cosy hotel close to Glencoe, so we could spend all Saturday there, isn't it a good idea? Much more at this time of the year, as the days are getting shorter and shorter. Before we get there I was talking with some Scots and try to get some advice about what to do there, all of them described Glencoe with one word, just one word: Eerie...Well after being there I cannot agree more, it is actually the perfect definition of that place! Let´s begin then!
We stayed in a hotel next to Loch Leven (not the one in Fife, another Loch with the very same name), we took our dinner there as well, as it was quite late. Not a bad decision, the food was really nice actually. We were ready to go at 08.00 next morning, we didn't realize where we were, because it was dark the day before, wow, the surroundings were amazing! I was nervous, because we wanted to take photos! Our first idea was to go with the car so we could explore the area to see what to do and where to stop. The weather was not really good, but it was a misty day so not bad for my photos :) As soon as we enter to the main road that is passing by Glencoe we were amazed, I mean we could understand very easily why the people love this place. It seems surreal and if we added here the atmosphere, it was eerie, aye, not a single doubt about that.
After our first approach we wanted to go to he visitor centre to get some more advices about where to go walking, but it started raining and well that is normal I know, but it was heavier than usual, so we decided to wait a little, but after our lunch it was still raining, so we had to go... A shame as this implies that we will need to go back there one more time... Oh I am so sad to have to go back to Glencoe... So sad :)
Some tips:
- If you need a hotel, this was nice: : Loch Leven Hotel
- Take care there if you are going hiking, it is a really dangerous place you can get lost! There are quite a few stories about people dying there, so be careful!