Nice church in Braemar covere
Great image from the road
Lots of snow here
Views of the mountain
really cold day
Deer in the mountain
glenshee Ski center
nice views from the bridge in braemar
Near Braemar
Nice tree in Braemar
Alone Cabin in the middle of nowhere
Ski Station in glenshee
River near Braemar
Views from the road
Cute animal in the snow
Curved River near braemar
River crossing the river
White weekend in Braemar and Glenshee /
discovering Scotland
We wake up one chilly saturday and we thought why not go to a colder place, like Glenshee, that for sure it's going to be covered with snow! so we decided to go to Braemar passing by Glenshee. It was curious because when we left the house there was no snow nor ice, but Camperdown Park in Dundee was literally white! all the way through was covered in snow! so nice views during the journey. Then we arrived to Glenshee, it was freezing outside! we found a group that warning us about the wind, and they were right, wow! it was scaring! Even thought, we saw some mountaineers climbing the Glen.... too dangerous for us!
Next stop was the ski center, just a wee stop, because it was full of people, I mean, everybody was there! but well I could take some pics of the chairlift (again, a rare thing for spaniards living close to the Mediterranean sea). It was still too early for the lunch, so we decided to keep going until Braemar, and there take our lunch. Oh! we saw some deer along the side of the mountain! yeah again too far away, but! at least we could see them :) It's something.
This time we take our lunch inside the car....too snowy and too cold! so the car is a good and comfy option :P with some environmental music you still could have a nice meal :P Once we finished with our delicious lunch (Spanish omelette) we went out and took some pics of Braemar. It's a really nice little village, with a river, a little bridge, and a wonderful church. It is not very big, so in less than an hour we were again on the car and ready to return home! We stopped the car few more times, more interesting locations for the photos. And at the end I found a nice sheep, but, when I was close to her or him I could notice how the face was changing from "I'm eating grass" to "Alarm, she wants to kill me, run" so I couldn't take a closer photo! A shame...
Some tips:
-Warm or thermal clothes required!!
-Take care on the road