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Cute cow during winter
Fluffy friends in Scotland /
discovering Scotland
Back to 2008 and our first trip to Scotland we wanted badly to see some of the most famous animals here, the Highland Cow, but during our week here we did not see a single one! We were thinking that they were like unicorns, a myth! We had to wait until our second trip to actually see some of them! They are really cute! So stylish with their lovely hair :)
Now that we are travelling more often, we are able to see them more as well but I also have a theory, because the cattle are not on the same place so I´m thinking that the government move them to places with more tourism or something :P it's not normal! Anyway paranoias apart... They are one of the gems in Scotland and famous around the globe! I can say that they seemed to be quiet and tranquil animals and usually you can be close to them as they are not afraid of people, but they know how to runaway from you as well! I saw them running just once, and they were so cute :)
Some tips:
- Take a look at the map, I put there some places where we found some of them :)
- Don't scare them!