Road near Inchmahome Priory
Inchmame Priory first view
Inchmahome Priory Ruins
Views from the picnic area
First viewings of the Island
Lonely duck
One of the ancient trees in the Island
Little mushroom
Mossy wall
Picnic Area in the middle of the island
Views from the Isle
Gigantic tree
The fallen tree
Very friendly Highland Cow
Sailing to Inchmahome Priory /
discovering Scotland
Another boat trip! But this time, if I remember well, only 15 minutes from the pier to the island, in a little boat, this time. This Priory is property of Historic Scotland so, again, membership! and like Isle of May, is closed during winter; you can only go there from April to September.
We went there in summer it could be quite chilly, so just in case take a jacket! The trip to the Isle was nice, very similar to Loch Leven cruise, same boat and same distance more or less, but the island is very different! It’s like a little ancient woodland, gorgeous! I really love it (I must confess that we went there three times :P). Maybe, the ruins of the priory were the less impressive, in this occasion, because the rest of the island is amazing! You are completely surrounded by gigantic and elderly trees and it’s lovely :)
Back home we decided to take the long way road, passing by Aberfoyle, and, lucky us, we saw from the distance some cars stopped in the middle of the road, and we didn’t know why, but, at the end of the road we discovered the reason of that amount of cars, highland cows!! Wow, It was the first time that we saw them so close! And they were very friendly, they wanted us to pet them!! We couldn’t resist that and neither the opportunity to take some photos! So cute!!
Some tips:
-You can go to the Priory in the morning, and take your lunch there (Picnic area!), and then you can also visit Doune castle, that is close to the property
-They have a parking area, but it's small, so, last time we went there we parked the car ouside the facility.