Views of the Isle from the boat
Approaching to the Isle
Closer look of the cliffs
Birds, and puffins
Alone puffin resting
Some puffins resting on the rocks
Birds resting in the cliffs
Window to the ocean
Hole in the cliffs
More puffins
Views of the Isle
Nice building in the Isle
Landscape of the Isle
Misty May
Crazy puffin in the air
More views of the Isle
Isle of May, Isle of puffins /
discovering Scotland
So, first of all, you only can go there from March to October, so just now is closed :( you will have to wait a little! Anyway, we went there on August last year, knowing in advance that this month was perfect for watching puffins, so we booked the trip the day before, just in case, because they sail only once a day, so… better be sure that you have tickets for the boat!
That day the trip was…. Interesting… I mean, we were navigating in a rough sea, so I must confess that it was funny :P During the trip we could watch some puffins but far far away from us. But, as soon as we arrived to the Isle, we saw a lot of these little things, so cute! I was amazed by this view, thousands of birds flying around us, wow, astounding!!
In the Island, if I remember well, you have around 2-3 hours to take a walk from one side to another, enough time to do it calmly. That day the weather was very variable, we had rain, sun, wind and mist, so it was nice! (for me). I think that it’s a good idea for a Saturday, and after the visit, you can have an ice cream in Anstruther, and then you could have a perfect ending :P
Some tips:
-You will need this: Isle of May Ferry Information
-Take a look at this one, just to know the best time to watch puffins:
-Picnic area on the Isle! or you always have the Anstruther Fish Bar!