Nice tree in loch lomond
Some rocks in the loch
Same rocks different angle
Again the tree
Isle in the loch
Great image of the tree
bracklinn falls in Callander
Detail of a tree
River near callander
one tree, only
Nice wood near callander
Heading the next destination
Loch earn and the pier
A blue thing in the pierr
From Loch to Loch /
discovering Scotland
So I wanted to take some long exposure photos and also we want to go and see some lochs, so! Loch Lomond first! I was looking for a tree to take some pics, I saw some images on the Internet, and it turned to be the most famous tree of the entire loch! So... we found the spot quite easily because it was a resting area, so you can park the car and just in front of you: the tree! So perfect :) first time that I do not need to carry my tripod very far, only 10 meters! YAY! We'd been there for almost 45 minutes, only taking photos of the tree and some rocks, but suddenly we realized that we were surrounded by mosquitos! So we run away as fast as we can!!
Next stop: Bracklinn Falls in Callander, you can park the car in one of the parkings, and then go for a walk. But before the walk… lunch! It was freezing so again inside the car! After that we went out and 7 minutes later we were coming back to the car because it was raining, we picked up an umbrella and started again the path :) it´s a nice walk and in 2 points you can see waterfalls, unfortunately, just when we arrived at the first one, the rain was getting worse, so we had to go back to the car! Anyway, it was nice and short as well :P
Last stop, Loch Earn, lucky us the rain stopped and we can go out of the car to take some more long exposure pics…just when we arrived to St Fillans we saw something amazing! And it remind me our last holiday in Scotland in 2012… a legion of ducks next to the road! They were the same ducks that we found 4 years ago? Who knows! I wanted to go there because I saw some pictures of a pier (I know, I’m obsessed) just in front of the 4 seasons hotel, with a picturesque statue, but it wasn´t there :@ At the end we realized that maybe they have this installations only in summer, because even the pier was only the structure. Also we found that blue thing (you can see that in the photo) just in the middle of the pier! But It´s an amazing place to go!
Some tips:
-To take the pictures with the statues in St Fillans, better check with the hotel maybe? It´s the Four Seasons Hotel
-Bring some food for the funny ducks, they could become violent if there is no food
-Check the weather, because if you want to walk all the way round the park, better if it´s not raining :)