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Exploring the caves at Lunan Bay /
discovering Scotland
I have read in too many places that Lunan Bay was quite an interesting place to go, and close to Dundee, so it was perfect for us that day because we wanted to go somewhere close to Dundee :) Also it was not raining, not snowing, no windy... Perfect day to go to the beach! It is dead easy to find the access to the beach and you also have a massive car park, even a little restaurant so, easy easy... We thought that we were gonna be the only living beings there (apart from the terrible seagulls) oh, how wrong I was! There was plenty of people there! But, as that beach is immense, that was not a problem to us :)
I wanted to explore the caves, and lucky us the tide was low, so we could reach them quite easily, in any case, it was strange because we were the only people heading that direction! All the rest were going the other way round... So... weird, but I wanted to, and I am stubborn, we didn't want to follow the crowd :) There are 3 or 4 caves only, but it was interesting, I liked it! and this time no weird sounds from the inside this time, perfect! I like caves with nothing inside, no monsters thanks! After us visiting the caves, we saw some people following us maybe they just need to see someone going there, and going back as well!!
Some tips:
- Check the tides!
- You can also visit Montrose or go to Boddin Point!