Tarbat Ness lighthouse
Views of the coast
The Lighthouse from the distance
The Lighthouse but closer
Castle of Old Wick
Views of the rocky coast
The Castle on top of a cliff
A closer look of the ruined castle
More views of the coast
Castle Sinclair Girnigoe
The Castle
Views of the coast from inside the Castle
Details of a window
More views of the coast with the old men
North Coast 500: From Inverness to Wick /
discovering Scotland
First day of our NC500 trip, we started very early at 6.30am!! Because we do have less daily hours in October, so better get going as soon as possible! First stop of the day... the petrol station! oh well just in case :) Now the real one was: Tarbat Ness Lighthouse, as you may know I am obsessed with them so it was a fixed stop :) There is a car park nearby, I recommend you to go first to the coastal path, from there you will have nice views of the lighthouse, go with extreme care but it won't take more than 5 minutes to reach the edge with nicest views. We found there two other photographers that were taking pictures during that night, and they told us that they could take some pictures of the northern lights!! What a shame :( we were far too late, but they show us some of the shots, really cool!! After taking my own boring pictures without the aurora we went a bit closer to the lighthouse, you cannot enter the actual building as there were working on some upgrades, but it is nice to see it and it is not far from the car park!
Next stop that you need to do is Dunrobin Castle, we did not stop this time as we went there back in 2008 and the agenda for this day was a bit busy as well, but it is really nice to see (I'll create another post with more information about it).
We went directly to Wick, and there are 2 things to visit here, the first one is the Castle of Old Wick, it is basically a ruin but maybe the interesting part is the coast where is located, with amazing cliffs and green as Hulk. Not a difficult path either, maybe you can do it in 30-45 minutes? Even less, because the car park is quite close to it. The other castle to visit in Wick is the Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, this one is free to visit (did I mention that the other one was free as well??) another ruined castle, this one is bigger and you can actually walk inside the walls a bit, not much but just like the other one the location is really cool with the cliffs and the rock formations, there is also an old men this kind of standing and solitaire rocks, you have to walk a bit close to the edge to reach the viewpoint but it is amazing! Really worth the visit :)
Some tips:
- All of the places are free to visit! Well except Dunrobin Castle but I'll talk about it later on :)
- If you have the chance to see the northern lights go for it!