Bright colours in John O Groats
Front View
Another view of the houses
John O'Groats sign post
The Duncasby Stacks in John O'Groats
From the distance
The path to the Stacks
Another view of the Stacks
Going back to the car
Dunnet Head Coast
Dunnet Head lighthouse
Cottage next to the road
North Coast 500: From Wick to Durness /
discovering Scotland
Let's keep moving!! next stage was from Wick to Durness, first day was the most exhausting one as it was around seven and a half hours just driving... we were stopping every hour or less sometimes so it didn't feel like that many hours. First stop was John O'Groats, we took our time there first just enjoying and taking pictures of the most picturesque houses there with very bright colours! It was one of the main attractions there, I think :) Apart from the post, everyone was taking pictures with it!! Then it was time for lunch! We thought at the beginning to just eat some sandwiches on a bench but we changed our mind and we went to one of the local restaurants, just to eat something hot :) We had... A Mac'n'cheese sandwich!! It was strange but it was better than expected actually!! After lunch, we went for a walk to see the Duncasby Stacks, it was not a very long walk, let's say about an hour or a bit more, but it is worth the visit! They are 2 standing rocks very similar to each other, you'll get spectacular views of them from the coastal path. We didn't go any further but just because we had a very tight agenda, so we needed to head back the car as soon as possible! But if you have more time you can walk a bit more to see the stacks from another view, and if it is the time, there are some big bird colonies around the area as well.
Next stop was Dunnet Head Lighthouse the most northerly point of the Scottish mainland! Yeah, my obsession with lighthouses is really bad, I know... but I do like them a lot! So, I will keep visiting them!! All of them!!! This one was not the most impressive ones, but, the surroundings were quite cool and dramatic as well, also the road heading the lighthouse is really nice! We were there for less than half an hour, and then we went back to the car! Next stop was Durness already, but we were stopping every time we saw something interesting until the sun was gone! Then straight to Durness without stopping!
I will talk about the Smoo Cave in Durness on the next post! Not just now, because that was another day! But I'll explain what happened to us when we arrived at the Airbnb that we booked... It was very dark, no lamppost or anything… and Halloween was close, so we parked the car and we followed the map that we had… We find a strange figure sitting in the darkness, it was a scarecrow… All the area was decorated for Halloween, quite scary… But at the end we found the place!!
Some tips:
- Take some food with you, do not trust in finding any restaurants or supermarkets! Just in case