Smoo Cave, first cave
Another view of the cave
Looking back
Trying to reach the second cave
Leaving the cave
Some sheep next to the road
Another road! It's a roadtrip at the end
The loch near the Wailing Widow Falls
Views from the road
More views from the road
The Rock
Another waterfall, not Measach big one
Views of the closed bridge
North Coast 500: From Durness to Shieldaig /
discovering Scotland
After our crusade to find the AirBnb room, we had some good sleep (nothing supernatural happened or anything, so... cool) and we were ready for the main visit of the day... Smoo Cave!! I was looking forward to it, very excited! Usually you can do some guide visits into the cave with a boat but it was October and it was closed already :( You can visit the first and the second cave, if you are lucky which we weren't... It was raining all night so when we went next morning the waterfall inside the second cave was enraged!! We entered the first cave, that is pretty cool I must say, and I wanted to cross that platform to the second cave but we couldn't, I tried but it felt like you were under heavy rain but with water coming from everywhere... just impossible to pass... shame really, but I was talking with a friend that went there just the week before and they could not see the waterfall either, so I'm assuming that it is not the best time of the year to visit Smoo Cave!! In any case it was great! It could have been better though!
After this we failed for the second time, because we were looking for the Wailing Widow Waterfall, just south of Unapool, but it was impossible to find either, I am pretty sure where it was but it seemed too dangerous for us, we left this one for the bravest travellers :) We found a nice loch instead, it's something :P After this we went to Ardverck Castle, basically an abandoned wee castle next to a loch, so it was fantastic! We saw some sheep, I tried to get a closer photo but, they ran away... as always... Next stop! Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve, I just wanted to go there to see that rock sphere and the views from there, well it's next to the road and a 10 minutes walk, so why not? It was nice :)
Next visit was the falls Of Measach, another disappointment really... because we didn't actually see the waterfall, you have to cross a bridge and that bridge was closed... we were walking for half an hour maybe and we did see a waterfall but it was not the big one. It seemed pretty cool, but it was a shame that we couldn't reach the viewpoint :( We finished the day in Shieldaig, a lovely little village, in which we had a really nice dinner!!
Some tips:
- If you are brave enough try to reach the Wailing Widow Falls, they seemed amazing!
- Just as I already said, get some food and drinks, fuel is not a problem, but food can be :P