Main entrance of the Castle
Yeah they are the same alpacas
The arch in the garden
Nice bench just in the garden
View of the main tower
Views of the castle from the garden
Views from the Garden
Castle again!
Main walkpath
Views to the arch
Castle in the distance
Autumn flowers
More flowers
The wild garden
Well that construction, the toilets, nice!
Details of the tower
Kellie Castle...has Alpacas! /
discovering Scotland
We went there in Autumn so the colours were gorgeous, all painted in that bright yellow, so cool. I am still amazed on how the seasons change the landscape in Scotland. But well onto the castle now... or not? Because I am not gonna lie, I wanted to see the Alpacas badly :P so that was the first thing we did when we arrive to the castle, we parked the car and we went directly there! They were a bit further so couldn't really take a good close up photo... shame! But well, they were there and so cute and fluffy! Do not confuse with the Llamas, Alpacas are so much cooler, there is no doubt about this :P
Well anyway, after saying hello to all of the Alpacas in the area we went to the Castle :P We just visited the garden this time, we were in a rush that day so we didn't have enough time to visit everything, next time. I really liked the garden, it was one of those wild gardens with flowers everywhere, maybe, even I enjoyed it, it is best to go there in spring, so you can see it in its bloom season. It is not very big, but if you have the time you can go for a walk around there are some paths to follow and you can see even more Alpacas if you are lucky! I must say that this castle it is not in the usual tourist route, a hidden gem :) It is also quite close to Anstruther, that is a really nice and cute fishing village, it has some good places for taking a break in your trip, a must visit if you are in Fife.
Some tips:
- The Alpacas are not always there, so either you can try contact the castle before if you are really interested in seeing them or just try and see if you're lucky.
- I'll say visit in Spring, we went in Autumn and there were still some flowers, but not as much as you can find in Spring
- This Castle is managed by National Trust for Scotland, prices are £10.50 per adult, free if you are a member! You can check the opening times in Kellie Castle Information