Views from the top of the Monument
Misty day on the Monument
Just in the top
Views of the Monument from the Castle
Looking downside
Stirling Castle Entry
Stirling Castle
Gate inside the Castle
Gigantic Tree in a garden
Stirling old cemetery
Stirling Castle Bars
Views inside the Castle
More bars inside the Castle
Pyramid in the cemetery
Going Though the Castle
Stirling old cemetery detail
Visiting Stirling, and doing some exercise /
discovering Scotland
Stirling it's a must see place, close to the capital, a very interesting and nice city. Basically you have two places to visit and the city center as well. As most of the places that we are visiting, you can eat in one of the picnic areas that you have around the castle. Last time there, we had our lunch in the cemetery next to the castle! I know, but it's a nice place! If you prefer you have some more options in the city to go, but I prefer the picnic option :P
So, first stop: Wallace Monument! This one is out of the Historic Scotland properties, but I think that if you are going or went to Stirling Castle (this one is inside HS) you will have a discount in the ticket, so it's interesting :P. As I said in the tittle, you are going to do some exercise, because you have there more than 300 stairs from the base to the top!! Yes, a lot I know but believe me it's worth it! I remember the first time there, back in 2008 very misty day, and when we reached the top, we couldn't see anything, it was all literally white… so it was curious but… the second time the weather was better, and we realized that the views were amazing!!
From the Monument we went to the Castle, it's only a 10 minutes trip, so as I said before, the Castle in one of the most popular Castles inside the Historic Scotland properties, so if you have the membership or a weekly pass, it's kind of free. I must say that I prefer this Castle comparing to Edinburgh Castle, I think that Stirling Castle is nicer; you have a lot of places to explore! Just next to the Castle you have the old cemetery that is also magnificent! I always take some photos in the local cemeteries, and this one is very big and it has some interesting tombs.
Some tips:
-Just a note, if you want to park the car in the Castle Parking, it is NOT free. If I remember well it's 4 pounds, but no limit of time
-We found a nice restaurant close to the Castle take a look at: Hermans review