Awesome Place, and awesome stormtrooper
Almost there
Snowman, snowman
I am going to...
Destroy you
I won
Going there
The River
Some more details
Just the valley
The amazing adventures of Rufo in: Corrie Fee! /
discovering Scotland
Hiya world! My name is Rufo and I was a stormtrooper. After years of reclusion I realised that I needed more than the Galactic Empire, and I escaped I had to! I wanted to see new places, new worlds, and forgot about all the violence and the war. After my scape I was thinking about where to go for a while, because the universe is massive! and I found a place where the lands had the most amazing colours that I've ever seen, and with creatures quite similar to our Banthas (but more friendly and less smelly), so I decided to go there alone, as I had no friends on the army (they all were very unfriendly, and I do not like them at all). This is going to be my journal diary, and no better place to start than this one: Corrie Fee, Scotland.
It was snowing when I get there, I tried to talk with the rangers to get some information, but they were speaking a strange language and I was unable to understand what they were saying (I do need to improve my language skills! I will do better next time for sure), they were very nice and I could get a map of the place. It was quite a long walk, but I was well prepared after so many years on the army, so dead easy for me! As soon as I get to the valley I was amazed, mesmerized... I really liked it. I was standing there for a while just enjoying the views and it started snowing! so couldn't have been better! I asked (or tried to ask) to some people that were there with me to take a picture of me, they needed 3 shots as I was making some funny and weird faces! but at the end I get my photo!
- Rufo, the ex-stormtropper