Views of the Castle from the Trebutchet
The Trebutchet
Views from the upper floor
Views from downstairs
The main tower
Main tower again
Some green in the inside of the castle
Views from the main tower
The stairs to go to the shore
Urquhart Castle
Loch Ness
The main tower from above
Inside the main tower
Urquhart Castle, looking for Nessie /
discovering Scotland
Who doesn't know about the Loch Ness, yeah the one with the monster! It is pretty famous, isn't it? Did you know that there is a Castle as well on the shore? I'm sure you know, it is one of the most famous ones, maybe not the one with the easiest name to pronounce though :) We went there first time when we visit Scotland back in 2008 and we visited again last year. I have to say that there is no much to visit really because it it mainly in ruins, but it is really nice to see, I do prefer to visit these kind of castles I found them more... real maybe?
I remember when we first visited the castle, we were hearing some Spanish words, well it was more like people screaming, not long after this we realised that it was a group of elderly people from Zaragoza. They were very loud comparing to the rest of the people there, it was fun and a story to remember :P Obviously they were very happy visiting Scotland and they wanted to see the monster as well, hehe. I found that the castle was most likely the same as when we first visited it, with some castles you can find some differences but not with this one, which was good :)
As a curiosity while we were there we saw some jets flying around the loch! Oh my they were very noisy! But apart from this the visit itself was nice, amazing day, no rain (it was raining later on the day though) no monster either! It is a must visit if you are planning a trip to Scotland, just keep in mind that if you are visiting in August (well during summer) it will be full of people as it is very popular. If you go there, you can't miss the Nessie shop in Drumnadrochit you will find there loads of Nessie merchandising, I'm wondering if some of the money is going to the Monster's bank account? Who knows, lol.
Some tips:
- As always check Historic Scotland passes, it is always worth it if you are visiting castles!